Crafting Justice

Crafting Justice took place on the 29th and 30th of April 2017 at the Rangoli Metro Arts Centre, M.G. Road, Bangalore

Students of Azim Premji University have been involved in 8 month immersive, justice-oriented projects across different social issues that include criminal and ecological justice, media, politics and society, elections, human rights, and legal system reform among others.

Crafting Justice was designed as a series of events that combine a public exhibition focused on these projects along with an educator-practitioner conclave focused on challenges in experiential and justice-oriented learning.

This conclave and exhibition mark the first time in India that experiential educators, practitioners, and students get together to discuss the challenges of designing, practicing, and evaluating justice-oriented experiential education curriculum and pedagogy within the disciplines of development, law, public policy, governance, and the broad social sciences and humanities.

crafting justice poster

Crafting Justice was comprised of four event components:

  1. A public exhibition of installations, performances, and other exhibits led by student groups from Azim Premji University that highlight student group project work that is practice-based and justice-oriented (29th and 30th April 2017).
  2. A public conference comprising three panel discussions on key ethical, philosophical and methodological challenges associated with practice and experiential justice education. The panel discussions are titled i) Negotiating Interdisciplinary Frames in Experiential Justice Education, ii) Ethics of Intervention in Experiential Justice Education and iii) Transformative Potential in Experiential Justice Education.
  3. A by-invite conclave on experiential education for educators and practitioners which comprised a panel discussion on the “origins, practices and aspirations of experiential justice education” and focus group discussions on specific themes relating to challenges faced in initiating, conceptualizing and sustaining models of experiential education that work toward justice.
  4. The public keynote panel discussion that focused on the theme of building sustainable models of experiential education that work towards promoting social justice. Keynote panelists included Ajay Pandey, Sudarshan Rodriguez, AR Vasavi, Maya Krishna Rao, Nandini Sundar (via video interview segment), and Ramesh Srinivasan.

Due to the excited reception Crafting Justice received in its inaugural year among academics, practitioners, and students interested in experiential justice education, we are currently working on collaborative developments that emerged from the event and should be able to announce them soon. Watch this space.